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Technology and Engineering Education

The CTE DIVISION at the Illinois State Board of Dducation (ISBE), has worked to provide resources for educators and student teachers through the innovative curriculum project). All resources are deposited at the www.Ilcte.Org site for easy access to cte curriculum material. The mission of this web site resource is for enhancement and instructional program improvement in career and technical education (cte) programs, throughout illinois, by aligning lessons with the common core state standards (ccss) - il. Learning standards, workplace skills, and occupational skills standards.

The purpose is to distribute lesson plans that address common core state standards for mathematics, english/language arts, science, social studies, etc., including power-point sets, sample test items and assessments, as well as other reference materials to illinois educators. The goal is to assist teachers throughout illinois, in their efforts with students, to develop career readiness skills and a foundation for post-secondary education.

We welcome input from you as  teachers in the field in the form of comments and suggestions, as well  materials that you are willing to share.  contact the Technology & Engineerting facilitator, Dr. Brad Christensen at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..