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>Career Inventories and Tools

>Counseling and Mental Health

>Counseling and Other Health Services

>Counseling and Student Services

>Counseling and Testing

>Counselor Apps

>Employment Skills

>Free E-Resources for Counselors, Students and Parents

>Gender Equity and Careers

>Gold Collar Job Resources

>Green Collar Resources

>Illinois State Resources

>National and State professional Organizations

>Resume - Portfolio Building

>School Guidance Counseling

>Social-Emotional Learning

>Technology Tools

>Web Resources

>Working with special populations

>Your Community College and CTE

Career Inventories and Tools


Bureau of Labor Statistics

Holland's codes-quick assessment

Illinois Department of Employment Security

Illinois Reality Check

Counseling and Mental Health



The Internet's "largest and oldest independent mental health social network." Many mental health articles and blogs.

Counseling and Other Health Services


Super Tracker

Based on the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, Super Tracker identifies how personal dietary and physical activity choices compare to recommended amounts. Useful for personal counseling or class discussion.

Counseling and Student Services


National Dropout Prevention Network

Resources useful for counseling with at-risk students.

Counseling and Testing


Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC)

PARCC is a group of states working together to develop a set of assessments that measure whether students are on track to be successful in college and their careers. These high quality, computer-based K–12 assessments in Mathematics and English Language Arts/Literacy give teachers, schools, students, and parents better information whether students are on track in their learning and for success after high school, and tools to help teachers customize learning to meet student needs.

Counselor Apps



Make marketing come to life!


Interactive technology for quizzes and check ins during instruction


Keep your ideas organized and follow other counselors for great ideas!

SCOPE by Dr. Erin Mason

Helpful apps for counselors in a variety of areas

Employment Skills


Career Exploration

This is related to O*NET products

Joliet Work Based learning project-review

PAWS in Jobland

Free downloadable lesson plans for elementary career building

The CTE bookshelf

Career profiles for CTE students

Free E-Resources for Counselors, Students and Parents


Application for Federal Student Aid

This site contains links and instructions for applications.

First Generation College Students Report:

This is a You-Tube presentation on a Texas students and the challenges they face with guidance in their transition to college.

Resources for Persons with Disabilities

This US Government site provides resources relating to services for persons with disabilities.

U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Satety and Health Administration

Information about worker health and safety and available training

U.S. Government Career One Stop

This site provides career resources and tools in a variety of career categories. Includes resume writing resources, job-hunting techniques and other aids.

WIX-Website Builder

This is a free and easy-to-use website builder.

Gender Equity and Careers


National Womens' Law Center

Answers to frequently asked questions with tips on how to respond.

U.S. DOL Information on Gender Equity in Compensation

This site provides statistics on male/female earning ratios by region. Can be useful in career counseling and gender equity concerns.

Women in Technology

Counselors for Careers is a division of the National Center for Women in Technology. Find encouraging information on supporting young women in the technology fields.

Gold Collar Job Resources


"Gold Collar" Careers Explained

This is a text-intensive site. It gives the origin and background of the term as well as a comprehensive definition

Decribing "Gold Collar" Workers

Information on high-wage STEM related jobs.

Gold Collar Career Information

This site provides information on high-paying technical careers.

Green Collar Resources



NGO (Non-Governmental Agency -- Not for Profit) Focuses on environmental education and other aspects. Potential source of career opportunities.

Boon and Crockett Club Foundation

This is a source for information on ethics in hunting. Out-doors oriented students may be interested.

California's Energy Workforce Training Program Brian_McMahon.pdf

This program identifies positions that may offer preference to targeted populations. It may be of use for career counseling background information.

Food and Water Watch

This is a site sponsored by a consumer advocacy group. It might be useful for environmental consciousness information.

Green Jobs

This web site provides a means for sharing information on green jobs. It links professionals who are creating and promoting green jobs.

Green Roof Industry

Environmentally friendly industry with information on jobs and symposiums around the country.

Illinois State Resources


ISBE College and Career Readiness Division

National and State professional Organizations


American School Counselor Association

This is the national professional group for school counselors. ASCA is an essential resource for developing the professional identiy of school counselors.

Illinois Counseling Association

ICA is the main professional development and support organization for counselors in the state of IL. ISCA (Illinois School Counseling Association) is a subgroup of ICA.

Illinois School Counselors Association

This is THE site for professional school counselors in Illinois. Lots of important resources.

National Career Pathways Network

Resources for career planning and guidance

Wisconsin School Counselor Association

Wisconsin is a good example of a comprehensive school counseling model. This is a site for their professional association.

Resume - Portfolio Building


Nail that Job

Student friendly guide to resume writing, job applications, and interviewing.

School Guidance Counseling


Apples Video Magazine

A training program for families and professionals providing information regarding early childhood issues. Lending library and workshops available throughout Illinois.

Armed Services Vocational Testing Battery

This site has a description of the ASVAB with a practice test.

CTE Career Profiles

Career Profiles are a great way to help your students plan for their future! Within each profile, students can learn about some of CTE's most exciting careers while also gaining insight into what it takes to follow this career path!

Notes of Transition to College

This is a tool and handout that can be used with students and parents to help to prepare for post secondary/college and careers

Wisconsin Comprehensive School Counseling Model

This is an example of a comprehensive school counseling model based on ASCA standards.

Social-Emotional Learning


Resources for applications of social-emotional learning

A site with useful materials for counselors and other educators

RTI Information

Helpful resources for Response to Intervention

Technology Tools


SCOPE by Dr. Erin Mason

A complete list of technology tools and apps that may be useful for counselors.

Web Resources


CTE Career Profiles

Career Profiles are a great way to help your students plan for their future! Within each profile, students can learn about some of CTE's most exciting careers while also gaining insight into what it takes to follow this career path!

Response to Intervention

Provides resources and links to RtI services at the national level.

SuperTracker for Good Nutrition

Based on the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, SuperTracker identifies how personal dietary and physical activity choices compare to recommended amounts. Useful for personal counseling or class discussion.

Working with special populations


Working with students who have autism

Activities, tools, and lessons useful when working with students on the autism spectrum

Your Community College and CTE


CLC offers Career Degrees and Certificates

COD CTE programming

SWIC and programs of study

A useful model for developing programs of study in your school.

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