Health Science Technology

Health Science Technology


A committee of business and education professionals began work in July 2005 to establish recommended content for a Health Science Technology (HST) orientation program and to determine a recommended structure for the Curriculum Revitalization Initiative (CRI) lesson plans, now part of MYcaert.  The committee based the HST program content on the existing Illinois Agriculture model, the national Health Science Career Cluster program, and curriculum models from across the country.  Over several months, they also identified a set of tasks for HST orientation level lessons.  Using the tasks identified, teams of teacher/writers wrote lesson plans, PowerPoint presentations, and assessments for the orientation-level course in HST that is aligned with Common Core State Standards (CCSS).


Below is an example of a HST lesson plan (Use Communication Skills Appropriately in the Workplace) that can be accessed through MYcaert, a free resource for Illinois teachers.  For more information on MYcaert:  Click HERE, go to the MYcaert link at the top of this page, or Take a Tour.  MYcaert is always looking for teachers to expand its library.  In HST, they are currently looking for writers with technical expertise in Emergency Medical Service, Medical Assistant, and Pharmacy Technician.  If that is you, contact Ron Biondo at



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