Healthcare Careers on the Rise

"By 2022, nearly one in eight U.S. jobs is projected to be in the healthcare sector," says Patricia Pittman, PhD, codirector of the GW Health Workforce Institute at George Washington University and associate professor of health policy and management, adding that the primary drivers of this trend are demographics and technology.  There is a large push to keep people out of hospitals, so we should expect large growth in ambulatory care, home health, and preventative medicine.  Pittman notes 5 trends:
  1. RNs will be in demand like never before due to retirements, state-mandated laws that physicians work fewer hours (places greater burden on RNs to cover additional duties), and many state-mandated patient staffing ratios.
  2. Population health will cause growth in medical informatics to analyze large amounts of healthcare data and to make sense of it.  It will also cause growth in social workers, behavioralists, community health workers, and outreach coordinators to educate the community on ways to access healthcare.
  3. The healthcare industry will be interested in HR leaders who can hire a healthcare workforce that meets and exceeds patient satisfaction, since many people are paying for larger portions of their healthcare and will shop around if not satisfied.
  4. Experienced technologists are necessary to expand areas like telehealth and patient portals, as well as proficiently bill/code ICD-10 codes.
  5. Finally, there will be an increased need for workers to manage all of this growth, such as recruiters, generalists, and other human resource specialists.
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Are we appropriately preparing our students for these areas of growth?  If not, what needs to change?  We want to hear your thoughts.

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