Using Kahoot in the Classroom

Is anyone using Kahoot in the classroom, and if so, how are you using it?
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Deb Sharifi  - 9/29/2015 7:04:12 AM
I use it often.  I use it as a quick formative assessment and as a game for test review.  The students love it.  And its quick and easy.  (And I like that it collects scores that you can export for grades)

Paula  - 9/2/2015 7:12:43 PM
I use Kahoot for review and to make sure the class is understanding material presented the day before

Cathe Felz  - 9/2/2015 6:48:45 PM
I use kahoot to review information, test vocabulary, introduce new facts and practice the steps in the FCCLA planning process. I also teach emergency response and first aid so anatomy bones and structuresof the human body. In nutrition function and sources of nutrients.

Janice Nieto  - 9/2/2015 2:42:24 AM
I just made a Kahoot review for the first time and plan to use in my nutrition class for review tomorrow!

Tracy Kern  - 9/1/2015 10:24:59 PM
Students and adults both love Kahoot!  Last year when my FCCLA students presented to the school board, we used Kahoot to present to the board.  We created ten questions about our organization  and chapter that board and community members had to answer.  Everyone loved it!

Brenda Larson  - 9/1/2015 9:07:00 PM
I love Kahoot!!!  The kids love it and its a great attention grabber. 

Jenni Niles-Burch  - 9/1/2015 8:05:30 PM
I started using KaHoot last year with my 8th graders.  They loved it.  I learned as teacher, I needed to tell them before they logged in that their user name had to be appropriate.  Some liked it so much, that they played it again at home.  I think they needed to have two devices open.

Coleen Guhl  - 9/1/2015 8:04:28 PM
I am using it for formative assessments and checking for knowledge.  I have even used it as a pre-test so that I know their knowledge level on a certain subject. 

Sharon Ferree  - 9/1/2015 7:51:26 PM
Yes.  I started using it last Spring.  I use it to review key concepts.  One of my classes loved it so much they requested the activity.  It also works well as a pre and post assessment if all of your students have technology.  You can print the results.  I used groups instead of individuals since I have so many IEP students and their results are s ...

Cathy Jo Reynolds  - 9/1/2015 7:38:58 PM
My students love it! It is a great review tool, and one activity that I get 100% participation. I have also used it to introduce topics.

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